Webhook Listener

Receive Webhook callbacks for created Payment Requests or Payments

Use our Webhook Listener to get a real-time status update on a created Payment Requests or Payments transaction. Our system sends a real-time status update to your system via HTTPS.

Integration Requirements and Considerations:

  • Requirement: We will send /payment-requests status notifications to a HTTPS URL. Provide us with your HTTPS URL during the integration testing. We recommend the integration URL to be different from the production URL.
  • Requirement: Your server must run HTTPS and meet our authentication requirements (e.g., accept a basic authorization header. (Refer to Preparation / Prerequisites).
  • Requirement: You must use port 443 for webhook servers.
  • Consideration: You should configure how your system will respond to each notification status (refer to Webhook Listener Resource Description table).
  • E-commerce Merchant Example: If your system receives a PAID notification status, you should inform your customer and fulfil the order. We recommend that you DO NOT fulfil the order until your system receives a PAID notification status

Webhook Listener Resource Description

A code for the type of event that triggered the webhook call.
example: The payer successfully completed the transaction.

Text value that provides context for the event.
minLength: 1

The type of resource contained in the resource property.
Enum: [ Payment Requests API, Payments API ]

Example Response

      "message":"The payer successfully completed the transaction.",
            "name":"Merchant name"
            "name":"firstName lastName",