Clik2pay makes real-time payments easy for businesses. Any device. Any time. Our Payments API allows you to send direct-from-account payments to your customers via Interac’s e-Transfer Send Money. This product is very useful for transactions such as a refund or rebate to a consumer.

Payments are created through backend sessions - which result in funds being deposited directly to your customer’s bank account. If your customer does not have Interac’s Autodeposit feature enabled, then they receive a one-time password by SMS to accept the funds to their bank account.


  • Familiar and friendly experience - Convert more customers by offering payments over Interac e-Transfer, a service that millions of Canadians use per day.
  • 100% bank coverage - Interac e-Transfer is accessible to all with a Canadian bank account, ensuring payment coverage for your customer base.
  • Real-time transaction updates - Initiate payments and receive real-time updates during each step of the payment journey via webhook call.
  • Easy payment reconciliation - Automate your reconciliation process by appending your invoice, reference, or customer identifiers to the payment to track the transaction back to your systems.
  • No customer sign-up required - Your customers do not need to register to accept payment, when the payment is initiated then it’s received at their bank account.

Get the payment status

In addition to receiving real-time transaction updates via webhook call, businesses have the option of using our GET Payment Status endpoint.