Magento Integration Steps


Use our Magento plugin in your e-commerce store to accept online bank payments with Clik2pay via Interac®


1. Create a Clik2pay account

  • Sign up for Clik2pay account here to retrieve API keys and to perform end-to-end testing

2. Get API Keys

  • Reach out with your business name to [email protected] to request sandbox or production API keys Use keys to test your integration


  1. Purchase the free Clik2pay plugin from the Magento marketplace.
  2. Ensure you are using correct access keys in Magento:
  3. Paste the access keys in your auth.json file inside your project.
  4. Use the "composer require
    <module_name>:" command to add the extension to your project. If you just need the extension package code for a specific version (for example, for code review purposes), you can initialize an empty project and just add composer require statement for the extension to a blank composer.json.

For detailed instructions, see:

We are ready to accept payments from customers.